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Concealing Colored Pencil Mistakes

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How to Conceal Mistakes When Using Colored Pencil

Sometimes, when you buy your paper you don't notice that the surface has scratch marks or indents. Or in my case, I have a cat who likes to jump on-top of my artwork and he sometimes leaves marks on my paper. Here are a few tips to help out in concealing or hiding these kinds of marks on the surface of your paper.

  • Barbara Newton's wonderful tip on how to conceal a scratch mark or indent on your drawing: apply a little color over the area, then blend the color into the area with a clear colorless blender marker or pen and then add some more color till the mark is no longer visible.
  • To help hide a stain on your drawing: try using a color similar to the stain color or use an opaque medium such as white or cream to cover it.
  • To cover a dark mark in a light area, try applying a white pencil lightly over the area. Next apply the color that will blend in with the light color area. Might have to do this several times, till the mark is covered.
  • If your paper is white, and you have a stain or mark on your paper, try using a very small amount of bleach or Un-Du Adhesive Remover with a q-tip. Apply carefully as both can be hard on the surface of the paper.
  • To cover a tear, try smoothing the area out by using a clear colorless blender marker and apply a coat of Krylon Workable Fixatif.

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Colored Pencil Artist Carol Moore