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Impressed Line Technique and Sgraffito


CDs and Kits

Carol Moore's Colored Pencil Kits - Down-loadable (PDF Format) colored pencil kits for various skill levels.

Ann Kullberg's Colored Pencil kits - A variety of colored pencil kits from various colored pencil artists.

Karen Hull's Colored Pencil Kits - A variety colored pencil kits for all various skill levels.


The Colored Pencil Magazine - Sally Ford's Colored Pencil Magazine now in print with step-by-step lessons, critiques, tips and much more.

The Colored Pencil Magazine

Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine - Ann Kullberg's online color pencil magazine with tips, critiques, and step by step lessons.

Ann Kullberg's Color Magazine

The Artist's Magazine - A magazine for serious, active artists of all skill levels.

Artist Magazine Issues on Colored Pencil

1992 - February

Techniques for Using Colored Pencils by Barbara Edidin.

1992 - November

New Depths in Colored Pencils by Barbara Edidin.

1999 - March

Redefining the limits of Colored Pencil by Greg Schaber.

2002 - August

Show Stoppers by Jill Kline and Thomas M. Thayer Jr.

2004 - February

Paint Flowers by Barbara Edidin.

2004 - July

From Crisis to Creative Breakthrough - How to build color and depth by Jennifer Phillips Webster.

2005 - March

Making the Leap - Seven colored pencil artists share how embracing change can pave the way to more powerful work by Sandra Carpenter.

2005 - April

Under Pressure - Rich color is possible with colored pencil by Fred Paulson.

2005 - July

Your Best Yet - Four top artists share unique colored pencil approaches by Steve Smith.

2007 - Jan./Feb.

Pencil Possibilities - Discover the range of artistic options colored pencils can provide by Alyona Nickelsen.

2007 - July/Aug.

Sandpaper and Paintbrushes? - A colored pencil artist's unusual techniques create vivid, compelling effects by Linda Lucas Hardy.

2008 - November

Uptight Is All Right - Colored pencil offers different strokes for artists who enjoy working with detail by Gary Greene.

Colored Pencil Websites

29 Prismacolor Pencil Tips & Techniques - Nicole Tinkham shares 29 tips and techniques using Prismacolor colored pencils.

A Process - A lesson on drawing a dog in color pencil.

Anime Colored Pencil Tutorial - A step by step demonstration on how DA artist emperpep uses color pencil when creating anime.

Colored Pencil - A step by step lesson on color pencils by artist Ann Kullberg.

Colored Pencil Art - Colored Pencil Instruction and Techniques.

Colored Pencil Basics - Colored Pencil for Beginners - Basic Pencil Strokes.

Colored Pencil Central - Colored Pencil Directory. Find 100's of colored pencil websites, blogs, videos, books & more, all in one website! Tons of beautiful cp website images.

Colored Pencil Central

Colored Pencil Demo - A step by step Colored Pencil Demo in creating cucumbers - still life by Patricia Scott.

Colored Pencil Demo - Fur - Drawing fur using colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Hair Demo - A step by step lesson on creating hair with colored pencils by artist Ann Kullberg.

Colored Pencil Demo on Lifting Color - Colored pencil artist Bet Borgeson shows two methods and a step-by-step demo on how to lift color from the surface of the paper.

Colored Pencil Lessons - Free visual arts lesson site dedicated to teaching the visual arts to all that would be interested whether they be a homeschoolers, beginners, intermediates or advanced students.

Colored Pencil Instruction - 5 important colored pencil techniques that form the basis for everything you will ever do with colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Skin Demo - A step by step lesson on skin by artist Ann Kullberg.

Colored Pencil Society of America - Society for color pencil artists. They have a yearly exhibitions and yearly fee for US residents.

Colored Pencil Techniques - Color pencil tutorial by artist Tiffanie L. Gray.

Colored Pencil Techniques by Kristy Kutch - Colored Pencil artist Kristy Kutch shares a step-by-step demonstration of her colored pencil techniques.

Colored Pencil Tools and Techniques - for the Wax and Oil Based Colored Pencils, Blending Techniques, Blending Colored Pencils with Solvents.

Colored Pencil Tutorial on a Cheetah - A step by step tutorial on a Cheetah using color pencil by artist Linda Poynter.

Colored Pencils: Getting Started - Color Pencil artist Gary Greene walks artists/students through what they will need to begin using color pencil.

Coloured Pencil Topics - Information, choices, techniques and adice on all things coloured pencil by artist Peter Weatherill.

Combining Ink and Colored Pencil - Establish and learn how to apply an ink color value foundation and punch up the colors with colored pencil by artist Janie Gildow.

Creating Shiny Metal - Creating Shiny Metal with Color Pencils by artist Janie Gildow.

Drawing With Colored Pencils - Artist Lisa Dinhofer teaches you the beginner basics of drawing with color pencils.

- colored pencil art supplies, pencil art supplies, drawing supplies available at auctions or ebay stores.

English Bulldog Demo - A step by step demo of English Bulldog by color pencil artist Gemma Gylling.

Eye Spy II - Cat tutorial on creating fur by artist Gayle Mason.

Getting started with colored pencil - A tutorial for beginning to intermediate colored pencil artists

How to Choose a Color Palette for Your Next Colored Pencil Underdrawing - Colored pencil artist, Carrie Lewis, discusses and provides and excercise on how and what colors to choose for an underdrawing.

How to Color Dolphins Using Color Pencil - Step by step tutorial on drawing dolphins, using color pencil on black paper.

How to Draw a Marble - Step by step instruction on how to draw a marble in color pencil.

How to Sharpen a Colored Pencil - Discover how to sharpen a colored pencil to a nice, fine point! Learn how to prevent your Prismacolor colored pencils from breaking.

I See III - A work in Progress demo of a cat by artist Lucio.

Oil Based vs Wax Based Colored Pencils - Article on the differences between oil based colored pencils and wax based colored pencils.

Painting with Colored Pencil - Artist Barbara Newton shares techniques of grisaille and juxtapositioning of colors as she paints with colored pencils.

Review: Prismacolor Pencil Blend Test in the Moleskine Journals - test and review of using Prismacolor Colored Pencils on Moleskine and Ciak Journals.

Robs Art guide to Colored Pencils - a list of colored pencil brands and accessories.

Rock in Water Demo - A demo on drawing rocks under water in color pencil by artist Christina.

Tabby Cat Demo - A demo on drawing fur direction on draft film.

Ten Reasons to Sketch with Colored Pencils - Katherine Tyrrell gives 10 reasons why artists should sketch with colored pencils.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Tips and Tricks - Tips, Tricks and Techniques from various colored pencil artists on Wet Canvas.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Recipe Book - detailed thread about which colours you can use to create a particular effect or color.

Wetcanvas Colored Pencil Color Charts - Colored pencil charts of all brands of pencils.

Wet Canvas Colored Pencil Library - various tips, tricks, demos, techniques, step by step lessons and other valuable colored pencil info by various colored pencil artists.

The Colored Pencil Challenge

Karen Cardinal's The Colored Pencil Challenge - Unfortunately this site is no longer existing but I did print off each of the following lessons.

Backlighting and Solvents Challenge - Featuring Barbara Benedetti Newton

Colored Papers Challenge - Featuring Constance Moore Simon

Skin Tones Challenge - Featuring Ann Kullberg

Creating Texture Challenge - Featuring Carlynne Hershberger

Circulism Challenge - Featuring Maggie Toole

Black Paper Challenge - Featuring Kay Dewar

Painting Florals Challenge - Featuring Kristy Ann Kutch

Combining Pencils Challenge - Featuring Barbara Krans Jenkins

Keep on Creating!

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